Project management team

Darko Petrušić, Project Director 
General Director of Directorate for Research
Ministry of Science, Montenegro

Darko Petrušić was born and raised in Niksic. He has finished elementary and secondary school with “Luca“ diploma . At the time, he won the gold medal at the national competition in chemistry, in the former Yugoslavia, ones he won the second place in Montenegro, and twice was a champion of Niksic.
In London he has obtained master degree in information engineering with praise, and  the master thesis was in the field of artificial intelligence. He has graduated from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Belgrade, Department of Technical Physics, the topic in the field of laser technology. He is accredited architect in information technology with extensive experience in project management. Until September 2009 he worked in the Government of British Columbia province in Canada, as the advisor to the Minister for Information Technology, for the area of e-governance and business intelligence. For four years he was working at IBM as an accredited architect for information technology, where he was engaged in IBM Center of Excellence, and in 2006 he has received the award for innovative ideas (IBM conference in Vancouver). From 1998 to 2003 he successfully led his advisory firm and provided services for provincial government (B.C., Canada), telecommunication, tourist and IT companies. He has extensive experience in the following industrial sectors: finance, healthcare, transport, tourism, sports, construction, marketing and government organizations. Upon his return to Montenegro in 2009, he worked in the civil service and was actively involved in projects of e-government and of portal and electronic administration, where he himself created one of the first electronic service in the Montenegrin public administration. He also participated in the Central Tourism Registry, Eco-nit, Open days of science, etc projects. He is actively involved in sports for many years, primarily basketball and martial arts. For four years he played and led the basketball team in the regional league (Victoria, Canada), and then for one year was working as a trainer for cadets and led the cadet team to the finals playoffs. He also has a brown belt n Aikido.
He participated at conferences in Budva, Victoria (Canada), Vancouver (Canada) and San Francisco (USA). He is actively engaged in research in the field of e-governance. During his career, he was engaged in research in the field of international relations and diplomacy, with special emphasis on the Euro-Asia and America (he has finished two diplomatic seminars).

Vladimir Đurković, Project Manager for Higher Education

Vladimir Đurković assumed the position of Project Manager for Higher Education under HERIC Project in June 2012. Prior to this position, he served as Programme Manager for Local Governance in UNDP Montenegro from 2010-2012 and as Public Finance Advisor for the Netherlands Development Organisation „SNV“ from 2006-2010. He also served as consultant  for the Government of Montenegro in the economic and financial sectors in the period 2004-2006, and as consultant on several EU-funded project in Montenegro from 2000 to 2004. His professional focus areas are: public finances, local governnace, regional and rural development, project management, strategic planning and monitoring and evalaution. Mr. Đurković holds a Master of Business Administartion degree from the Central Michigan University (1999) and a Bachelor of Business Administarion degree from the Institute Franco-Americain de Management in Paris (1997).


Saša Ivanović, Project Manager for Research 

Saša Ivanović is working at the position of Project Manager for Research within the HERIC project from July, 2014. Prior to this assignment, he was Senior Advisor at the Ministry of Education and Science (2005-2010) and Ministry of Science (2011-2013) responsible for the international scientific cooperation and the development of scientific community and research infrastructure in Montenegro. He was a national delegate and contact point for the FP7 priorities: Information Technology (ICT) and Research Infrastructure (RI), participated in several international projects and accession of Montenegro in international programs (FP7 , EUREKA , COST) . He participated in the development of national and regional R&D strategies, management and evaluation of programs and projects. In addition, he managed the E-CRIS database for the scientific and research activities and monitored the implementation of national research projects in the field of technical and interdisciplinary sciences, as well as the program for stimulation and patent protection in Montenegro. He is an economist by profession, University of Montenegro. Married, three children.


Vladan Perazić, Grants Officer

Vladan Perazic was born on 29th of January 1972 in Podgorica. He graduated from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Podgorica. He covers the position of Grants Officer in the PMT, participating in preparation of documentation for grants subprojects schemes in both higher education and research components of the HERIC project and being responsible for providing information and guidance to potential grant candidates and operational support to grants recipients, as well as supervising that their use of grants and procurement activities are done in accordance with prescribed rules and requirements. His prior professional assignments were in engineering, commercial, managerial, administrative and logistic support areas, including a six-year experience with donor-funded projects, when he was working in the Task Force for CEE of the Italian Ministry for the Environment being in charge of technical management of several projects in the area of sustainable development.


Lidija Vukčević, Project Assistant for Higher Education

Lidija Vukčević has been engaged as Project Assistant for Higher Education within the HERIC project since October 2015. She completed the studies of English language and literature at Faculty of Philosophy in Nikšić, followed by postgraduate specialist studies of translation at Institute for Foreign Languages in Podgorica. Previously she was engaged with the Ministry of Education, within ENIC centre, on the activities of recognition of foreign educational credentials, as well as the activities related to Eurydice network which aims to describe the organisation of different education systems in Europe. She also cooperated with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration on the project of translating a part of the European Commission’s Questionnaire related to the EU acquis. In private sector she carried out the activities of administrative and legal support in several foreign investor companies in Montenegro. 


Milica Lakčević, Project Assistant for Research 

Milica Lakčević is professor of French by profession. She graduated in 2009 at the Faculty of Philosophy in Nikšić  and in 2012 she obtained Master degree in French language, as a scholar of French government, during her one year stay at the University of Strasbourg. She has 6-year teaching experience in French language. In addition to the education vocation, she has experience in research, translation and private tutorial in French, English and Latin.

Through her studies, she had the opportunity to visit European universities and participate into activities proposed by  those institutions (University of Strasbourg, University of Zurich, UCL Louvain-la-Neuve).


Ilinka Beatović Nikić, Environmental Safeguards Specialist

Ilinka Beatovic Nikic is engaged as a Consultant–Environmental Safeguards Specialist within the HERIC Project since June 2012. She is responsible for the monitoring of overall compliance of the HERIC refurbishments, research, and grant components with the World Bank environmental safeguards and with the environmental requirements as set by valid Montenegrin laws. She has graduated from the Faculty of Agriculture, University in Belgrade. Ms Beatovic is finishing postgraduate studies at the Faculty of Sciences, University of Montenegro, study programme-Environmental Protection. She completed training courses in organic fruit production at the Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Bari, in the field of sustainable development at the Venice International University and in project management  provided by the  HCL Consultants in Podgorica. From 2008 to 2012 she has worked on environmental impact assessment of the plans, programmes and projects in the Municipality of Niksic. Member of the Project Management Team in Municipality of Niksic. Mother of three children.