Project Management and Monitoring and Evaluation

This component was designed to build capacity within the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Science to manage the day-to-day implementation of the HERIC Project, as well as monitor and evaluate its impact. It would support the establishment of Project Management Team led by the Project Director, two Project Managers, who would report directly to the Project Director, two Assistants, one Grants Officer to support the grants elements across the component areas; and one Environmental Expert to promote compliance with safeguards procedures. Additionally, this component would also finance, on a pro rata basis with other ongoing World Bank-financed projects in Montenegro, the operational and staffing costs of the Technical Service Unit within the Ministry of Finance, which provides fiduciary services (financial management, procurement, and disbursement related activities) to the projects funded by the World Bank. Lastly, this component would provide funds for Monitoring & Evaluation studies/surveys, and audits of both project financial statements and grants implementation.