Summary of the first narrative semi-annual report for PhDRH@UDG project

The main of objective of the project Development of PhDRH@UDG is to: Strengthen educational and research capacities at University of Donja Gorica through the development of multidisciplinary research center for PhD students, which should also serve as research infrastructure for other research purposes for UDG and its academic and business partners.

The main objective is to be achieved through the following specific objectives: SO1) Establishment of PhD Research Hub; SO2) Strengthening research capacities of PhD students and UDG academic staff; SO3) Developing policy procedures on usage of PhD Research Hub along with IP policy; SO4) Intensified internationalization of research activities of PhD students; SO5) Promoting resources of PhDRH@UDG to business and academic community in Montenegro and the region.

The project is expected to having the following main results, all contributing to intensified research activities, stronger PhD studies and raised awareness of general public on the importance of research for overall development of the society: R1) Established Interdisciplinary PhD Research Hub at University of Donja Gorica; R2) Developed and established regular courses on methodology of interdisciplinary research; R3) Established policies and procedures for using PhD Hub (Rulebook); R4) International research expert for transfer of knowledge and international practice to UDG academic staff; R5) PhDRH@UDG presented to the business and academic community and general public; R6) Raised awareness on the importance of multidisciplinary research.

A number of activities have been carried out since the beginning of the project, however, as formal procedures related to the project account opening had been officially finished four months after project contract was signed, some delays in delivering project outputs are evident.[1] However, the intensive work of project team has already given results and activities within WP1 (Establishment of the Hub) are underway or finished. Thus, A1.1. (providing equipment for PhDRH@UDG) and Act 1.5 (procurement of professional printer/copier for the Hub are finished – the contract was signed on June 22nd), and several procurement procedures are underway - almost finished (Act 1.2: providing relevant software licenses for PhDRH@UDG - SPSS, Eviews and Matlab and Act. 1.3: providing subscription to relevant scientific databases - EBSCO and JStore). Initial principles for setting the rules for using UDG PhD RH have been set by UDG team members, discussed and approved by Rector’s Collegium. These activities will be the foundation for the work of IP expert, who will be hired through tender procedure in order to complete Act 1.4: Creation of rulebook for using UDG PhD Hub. Activities related to WP2 (PhD students’ capacity building) started in June 2017. One course on methodology of interdisciplinary research (Act. 2.2) was organized for PhD students and students of Master program “Statistics” which is labeled as European Master in Official Statistics by EUROSTAT. It was held in late May and June 2017. Other activities from WP2 and WP3 (PhD program internationalization) will be conducted after equipment and software procurement procedure is finished. These activities are related to engaging international experts to some extent (Act 3.1 Supporting international research experts). Experts will work with project team on organizing seminars for using resources of PhDRH@UDG (Act 2.1) and workshops on methodology of research (Act 3.2). These will be integral parts of the (other) course on methodology of interdisciplinary research for all UDG academic staff and PhD students (Act.2.2.). Promotion activities (WP4 – promotion of PhDRH@UDG) have been initiated through internal promotions among UDG students and staff, and will intensify in following period. The initial delay posed a challenge to the project team to work more intensively in the following period, however, the main purpose of establishing multidisciplinary PhD Research Hub at UDG which will bring together students from different PhD programs and give them an opportunity to work on common multidisciplinary projects and deliver outputs to UDG partners and academic and business community strengthening thus the impact of PhD research.


[1] Additional reason for the delays lies in the fact that administrative coordinator of the project terminated the working engagement with UDG in the middle of project implementation.