PhDRH@UDG Project


Project name: PhD Research Hub at University Donja Gorica
Project acronym: PhDRH@UDG
Name of institution: University Donja Gorica



Higher education, research and innovation play a crucial role in supporting social cohesion, economic growth and global competitiveness, and thus being an essential component of socio-economic and cultural development. Research and innovation are put as the top priority of the agendas of policies' makers on national and international level. "Research and innovation are acknowledged to play a key role increasing jobs and boosting growth, which is a top priority for the European Commission". The role of higher education institutions in promoting the idea of research and innovation is extremely important, as well as establishing the stronger relationship with business community, which generates growth. The Bologna Process also supports the modernisation of education and training systems to make sure these meet the needs of a changing labour market. This is important as the proportion of jobs requiring high skills grows, and the demand for innovation and entrepreneurship increases. 

The role of university level education in promoting research and innovation is very important. However, the most important role in the development of research activities within university education relies on the development of doctoral studies. The national authorities of Montenegro recognized this through several documents. Thus, the fifth objective of the National Strategy on Development and Financing higher education of Montenegro is research oriented higher education. The first measure needed to achieve this goal named "Intensifying research components in the learning process – “Learning through Research”, at all higher education institutions sets improving infrastructure for conducting research activities as the first activity. The second measure toward research-oriented higher education "internationalization of research" emphasizes intensified use of EU structural funds for development of doctoral studies.

The national Strategy for Scientific-Research activity of Montenegro 2008-2016, which has been revised in 2013, as one of its conclusions and recommendation says: "Modernization of scientific-research infrastructure, without which no competent doctoral studies can be realized, nor young generations be trained for modern technological society. A model of rational organization of laboratories with the establishment of multi-disciplinary centers should be accepted. Such centers would gather internationally recognized researchers, and have the critical mass of competencies for mentorship to young PhD students, as well as easier access to the European funds for research"

University Donja Gorica (UDG), even being the youngest private university in Montenegro, established in 2007 as a result of entrepreneurial idea of two distinguished university professors, recognized the importance of valuing the highest academic and professional standards, aimed on moving towards research & innovation oriented and entrepreneurial university.

UDG strategic document ’Almanac of study and Research at UDG - the concept of philosophy and vision of UDG studiesplaces  the research component of education process implemented through UDG model as one of the keystones of UDG development. The principle 46 of the Almanac says: "in order to enhance the quality of teaching, we must focus on improving the research component of science. The research is the integral component of every study program".

The development of research component of university education and strengthening the relation between university and business community is addressed through the HERIC Project whose "development objective is to strengthen the quality and relevance of higher education and research in Montenegro through reforming the higher education finance and quality assurance systems and by strengthening research and development capabilities."

As already stated, at University of Donja Gorica there are clear grounds and awareness about necessity for strengthening research component of education as one of the vital determinants of future UDG development. At the moment UDG has PhD programs in three fields (PhD program at the Faculty of Law, PhD program "International Economics" at the Faculty for International Economics, Finance and Business and PhD program at the Faculty for Humanistic Studies).

Cross-cutting summary Report "Evaluations of ten higher education institutions in Montenegro" delivered through Institutional evaluation program funded through HERIC project gave several recommendation aimed to strengthen research capacities of higher education institutions and the role of PhD studies at higher education institutions. Starting from the recommendation no. 16 which says: "National authorities should integrate doctoral education as a key element in the overall long-term strategy for building research capacity in Montenegro and allocate the necessary resources for this", UDG decided to apply for technical and financial assistance in strengthening the research infrastructure of PhD studies at UDG through development of multidisciplinary PhD research hub at UDG.

The purpose of establishing multidisciplinary PhD research center at UDG is the development of unique PhD research center which will bring together students from different PhD program and give them opportunity to work on common multidisciplinary projects and deliver output to UDG partners and academic and business community thus strengthening the impact of PhD research

Thus the main of objective of the project Development of PhDRH@UDG is to:

Strengthen educational and research capacities at PhD level at University of Donja Gorica through development of multidisciplinary research center for PhD students, which should also serve as research infrastructure for other research purposes for UDG and its academic and business partners.

The project is expected to having the following main results, all contributing to intensified research activities, stronger PhD studies and raised awareness of general public on the importance of research for overall development of the society:

  • Established Interdisciplinary PhD research hub at University of Donja Gorica;
  • Developed and established regular courses on methodology of interdisciplinary research;
  • Established policies and procedures for using PhD hub (Rulebook);
  • International research expert for transfer of knowledge and international practice to UDG academic staff;
  • PhDRH@UDG  presented to the business and academic community and general public;
  • Raised awareness on the importance of multidisciplinary research.