University of Montenegro hosts workshop on commercialization of scientific research and development of innovations in the service of growth of the Montenegrin economy

The workshop 'How to successfully implement technology transfer and commercialize the results of scientific research' was held today, 5 June 2018, in the 'Plavi salon' of the Rectorate of the University of Montenegro.

The Government of Montenegro, that is, the Ministry of Science and the Ministry of Education, have been cooperating with the World Bank on a joint project HERIC ('Higher Education and Research for Innovation and Competitiveness') for several years, within which the Ministry of Science financed research and development projects and the establishment of the pilot center of excellence BIO-ICT, with the aim of stimulating the commercialization of research results and improving the environment for innovation development in Montenegro. The ultimate goal is the contribution of the scientific community to the sustainable economic development of Montenegro, as well as the promotion of cooperation between the public and the private sector in the context of the development of new technologies and their application in practice.

The University of Montenegro, as the largest scientific research institution and the largest beneficiary of grants, plans to establish a Technology Transfer Center for the first time, where public sector scientists and private sector representatives will be able to obtain all the necessary protection assistance their scientific results and their successful commercialization. By establishing this center, Montenegro will position itself on the map of Europe and keep up with other countries in its efforts to develop innovations as a basis for sustainable economic growth.

In the introductory part of the event addressed the Rector of the University, prof. Dr. Danilo Nikolić, who was also the host of the workshop. Also, Dr. Darko Petrušić, Director General of the Directorate for Scientific Research and Director of the HERIC project from the Ministry of Science and Mr. Denis Mesihović, World Bank Operations Officer, welcomed the meeting.

During the workshop, presentations were held by international experts, led by Ms. Danica Ramljak, Science and Innovation Expert from the World Bank. 

The main focus of the workshop was to present the importance of science and innovation as a driver of economic growth through innovative research, intellectual property protection, cooperation between public and private sector , and the opening of new start-ups based on the results of scientific research.

International experts presented personal experiences and examples of the best world practices to the participants in the workshop in order to empower the Montenegrin scientific community and they encouraged a new step forward in contributing to the development of Montenegro. Vice-rectors, deans and vice-deans of all the units of the University of Montenegro, as well as representatives of state institutions and the World Bank took part in the workshop, .