Ministry of Science and Ministry of Health awarded grant to the Clinical Center of Montenegro in the amount of 465,000 euros

Ministry of Science and Ministry of Health have today signed a contract on the award of scientific research grants, with the Clinical Center of Montenegro for the "HLA typing of HLA laboratories in Montenegro" (HLA-MNE) after successfully completing the negotiation process for the II Call for awarding large research grants. This grant is financed through the project HERIC "Higher education and research for innovation and competitiveness” with 315 000 Euros while the Ministry of Health will co-finance the purchase of equipment with the amount of 150 000 Euros.

The signing of the Agreement was held at the conference hall of the Ministry of Health. Contract for a grant on behalf of the Ministry of Science has been signed by the Minister of Science Mrs. Sanja Vlahovic, PhD on behalf of the Ministry of Health Minister Mr. Budimir Segrt, PhD, dr. sci, and on behalf of the Clinical Centre-Montenegro the Contract has been signed by the director, Mr. Ranko Lazović, PhD, dr. sci and project leader Mrs. Marina Ratkovic, PhD, dr. sci.

Ministry of Science, through the project HERIC has awarded 8 grants worth 2.66 million Euros aimed to strengthen capacity building of research institutions and cooperation with the business sector.

HLA typing in Montenegro has not been implemented due to lack of adequate laboratory equipment as well as medical staff trained for its performance. The project aims HLA - MNE is the formation of the National Laboratory for HLA typing where it will be possible to detect human leukocyte antigen system which is referred to as the HLA diagnostics.

The significance of detection of HLA antigens and forming of the National Laboratory for HLA typing is as follows:

1. The importance of HLA typing in population genetics. Detection of HLA antigens typical of our population, which provides planning tests of hereditary diseases.

2. Clinical significance of HLA typing in clinical practice:

            - Application in everyday diagnostic of various autoimmune diseases

            - Detection of predisposition (tendency) to the development of malignant diseases, infectious diseas

 - The most adequate pharmacogenetic importance in the choice of the most appropriate therapy for the treatment of autoimmune and malignant diseases

3. Application in transplantation medicine.

The necessity of HLA typing in transplantation medicine to try to prevent rejection of transplanted cells, tissues and organs, as well as in the planning of adequate immunological protocols in pre- and posttransplantation period of treatment patients.

4. The significance of the formation of the register for unrelated donor stem cell transplantation in the treatment of various diseases

5. Correlation with endemic diseases and illnesses in Montenegro.

Reminders: Ministry of Science at the end of December last year opened II Call for the award of research and innovation grants, amounting to 1.27 million Euros, which is implemented through the project HERIC "Higher education and research for innovation and competitiveness.". At the end of the proces 4 projects are the recommended to the Ministry of Science to finance of which two are with the Clinical Center of Montenegro.

Grant for the project "Development, validation and application of telemedicine systems TELEMONTEKG (TM ECG) for rapid diagnosis of heart disease in Montenegro," began on 1 June 2015 worth 315 000 Euros and the project leader is Mrs. Vesna Miranović, PhD, dr. sci. Both projects will be implemented for a period of two years.