MMS Project


Project name: Multimedia studio
Project acronym: MMS
Name of institution: Faculty of Visual Arts,  Mediterranean University



Project objectives

The overall objectives of the project are:  

  • to improve of the quality of learning & teaching process on FVU;
  • to improve the quality of higher education system in Montenegro;
  • to strengthen higher education - business sector collaboration;
  • to contribute to more balanced regional development in Montenegro;
  • to contribute of tourism development in Montenegro;
  • to promote art in society;
  • to promote cultural values in society;
  • to raise awareness about the importance of protection of natural environment.

The specific objectives of the project are:

  • to provide students' practical skills;
  • to improve students' soft skills;
  • to strengthen cooperation of FVA with business community;
  • to support medium & small entrepreneurs/producers from the North;
  • to create authentic touristic presentation of municipalities Bijelo Polje & Mojkovac;
  • to create new artistic & tourist attractions.

Target groups

The main target groups are:

  • 158 students of Faculty of visual Arts - study programmes Design of visual communication & Audiovisual Production (from Podgorica & Bijelo Polje);
  • four representatives of teaching staff (mentors);
  • eight small & medium entrepreneurs, local producers from municipalities Bijelo Polje & Mojkovac;
  • two municipalities: Bijelo Polje & Mojkovac.

Final beneficiaries

Besides target groups which will be actively involved in the realisation of activities, there are a lot of other groups which will benefit from the realisation of the project itself. These are:

  • future students of undergraduate and postgraduate of FVA;
  • teaching staff of FVA;
  • Faculty of Visual Arts;
  • Mediterranean University;
  • higher education institutions in Montenegro;
  • employers on the labour market;
  • tourist boards & organisations;
  • tourists;
  • Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism;
  • Ministry of Culture;
  • Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development;
  • local population, etc.

Estimated results

The main estimated results are:

  • the improvement of practice in MMS curricula;
  • better preparation of students for modern labor market demands and needs;
  • the improvement of quality of teaching/learning process on FVA;
  • the strengthening of HEI - business cooperation;
  • creation of visual identity for eight local producers in the North;
  • creation of visuals for authentic Montenegrin souvenirs for municipalities Bijelo Polje & Mojkovac;
  • the realization of two street/eco art projects in Bijelo Polje & Mojkovac.

Main activities

Work package 1: Equipment purchase

Modern IT equipment and professional accompanying software are significant teaching tools and basis necessary for further improvement of the quality of teaching/learning process on Faculty of Visual Arts, in line with the ongoing reforms. The acquisition of the state-of-the-art equipment will, in addition, add to our overall capacities, increasing our international competitiveness and comparability with similar educational institutions which are already using the advanced resources in their everyday work. This will provide us with new opportunities for cooperation that would be a benefit to both our students and teaching staff.

Next, it will boost the capacities on local market in this field, as we will be able to explore our human potential much more, and enable our students to develop high quality products in this area, which will not only increase their employability, but also positively affect Montenegrin market in visual arts area, since there is still a lot of unnecessary outsourcing to companies outside Montenegro when it comes to development of promotional campaigns, visual identity etc.   

In terms of the project itself, the equipment will be used as support to WP2 and WP3 - the realisation of high quality campaigns for local small & medium entrepreneurs as well as for the creation of visuals of attractive authentic souvenirs for municipalities in the Northern part of Montenegro. 

This work package will be realized through several activities such as:

1.1.   Purchasing of the equipment;
1.2.   Installation of the equipment.

Work package 2: The realisation of marketing campaign for local entrepreneurs/producers as part of curriculum

So far, the students of FVA have worked on projects of development of marketing campaigns as part of their curriculum, but ‘simulations’, i.e. ‘real life’ cases were missing. However, as part of the ongoing curricular reform, aligned with the restructuring programmes in accordance with learning outcomes, a shift towards real-case scenarios is a logical next step. On the demand side, there are a lot of small and medium enterprises & producers in Montenegro which have a great potential, but are still unknown on the Montenegrin market. This situation is especially present in the Northern part of Montenegro. The main reason for that is a lack of knowledge about the marketing strategies and tools that can be used for promotion of products/services on the market. For that reason, it is necessary to provide support for small and medium enterprises / local producers in order to make them familiar with some basic strategic tools which are used on the modern market. The final results of the realisation of activities which are included in this work package are the creation of visual identity for eight local entrepreneurs/producers from the municipalities Bijelo Polje & Mojkovac as well as preparation of marketing strategy for their future development. The realisation of this work package would enable students to work in real business environment which will significantly improve their practical skills and would enable them to be better prepared for modern market labour needs. On the other hand, the intensive communication with the representatives of municipalities, entrepreneurs and local producers would help students to develop and improve their soft skills.

This work package includes four activities. These are:

2.1.   Meetings with representatives of two municipalities in Montenegro (Bijelo Polje, Mojkovac) and selection of small & medium entrepreneurs/local producers;
2.2.   Briefing with clients;
2.3.   Creation of visual identity for selected enterprises;
2.4.   Making marketing strategy for promotion of created visual materials.

Work package 3: Creation and production of authentic Montenegrin souvenirs & realisation of street/eco art project as a part of curriculum

Similarly to WP2 activities, main motivation for the envisaged activities in WP3 is a continuing reform at the FVA, following LO definition, through introduction of student practical work in real market situations. Again, the demand-side in the area of tourism is high, primarily having in mind the importance of tourism in the Montenegrin economy. Thus, it is reasonable to conclude that the creation and the production of authentic Montenegrin souvenirs has a great influence on the future development of tourism in Montenegro - not only on local, but also on national level. Unfortunately it is not difficult to conclude that this kind of souvenirs almost do not exist on the Montenegrin market which is one of the greatest disadvantages of tourist offer. Having on mind that one of the main priorities defined in the Strategy of tourism development in Montenegro is tourist development of the Northern part of Montenegro, we believe that creation of authentic souvenirs of municipalities Mojkovac & Bijelo Polje will significantly improve the quality of presentation of tourism offer on the modern market. Besides that, this work package includes the realisation of two street/eco art projects - one in Bijelo Polje, one in Mojkovac which will lead to creation of new artistic and cultural attractions. The main theme of street/eco art projects will be promotion of tourist localities which do not have adequate touristic valorisation/presentation and protection of cultural and environmental values in order to raise awareness of people about the importance of these issues on global level. By realization of mentioned activities students will gain some additional practical skills, they will adopt the concept of problem based learning, they will learn how to adjust the realisation of the tasks to clients needs, ideas and beliefs etc, they will learn how to organize time and tasks in order to meet the deadlines etc.

This work package includes:

3.1.   Meetings with representatives of local communities;
3.2.   Creation and final adoption of souvenirs;
3.3.   Making marketing strategy for promotion of created souvenirs;
3.4.   Preparation of the visual for targeted street/eco art locations;
3.5.   The realisation of two street/eco art projects.

Work package 4: Dissemination activities & evaluation

In order to promote the project itself, its main activities and results, it is important to carry out dissemination activities in appropriate way. This work package also includes the evaluation of project results in order to identify its main advantages and disadvantages which will be the base for realisation of similar activities in future. The project will have the visual identity developed, making it widely recognisable.

This will be realized through several activities such as:

4.1.   The development and maintenance of the web site of the project;
4.2.   Promotion of the project on social networks;
4.3.   Publishing promo material;
4.4.   Communication with media;
4.5.   Organisation of final exhibition;
4.6.   Evaluation activities.