Summary of the First Narrative Semi Annual Report for the project LOVCEN


Objectives of LOVCEN Project are: (1) Establishment of functional system for surveillance and recording of distribution of MV and MBD, development of the capacities for risk assessment and new tools for non-chemical vector control; (2) Improvement of research capacities by collaborative research, twinning through exchange of know-how and experience, strengthening of human resources, reinforcement of infrastructural and material assets and establishment of the strategic international partnerships, developing and strengthening internal links and building up on potential for interdisciplinary interaction and innovation; (3) Expanding and reinforcing the network to provide increased opportunities of involvement in new Horizon 2020 proposals; (4) Gaining practical skills and competences in project management and research planning to provide conditions for Montenegrin researchers to reach a level of outstanding EU research institutions in the applied domain; (5) Bridging the gap between research and the market by promoting the research and innovation and (6) Establishing the MCM as a dynamic, innovative engine that will contribute to strengthening of the education and research in Montenegro and its visibility to European partners. Objectives of the Project will be achieved by: collaborative research, twinning through exchange of know-how and experience; acquisition, development, maintenance and upgrading of research equipment; innovation capacity building and various dissemination and promotional activities to research community, policy makers and stakeholders. 

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