Human resource development through initiatives internationalization

The Government of Montenegro recognizes that immediate impacts can be made in the short-term by investing in international experience for students and academic staff. Therefore, the Government of Montenegro envisions a program where international engagements are supported both through facilitating access to existing internationalization opportunities and promoting foreign study and research in areas of national importance, to maximize absorption of knowledge and technical training provided around the world.  

This component addresses cross-border opportunities in two ways:
•    Financing the establishment of a facilitation office, which would serve as a clearinghouse for all information regarding international opportunities for students and academic staff; and
•    Funding the development and implementation of a targeted scholarship scheme—to fund academic fees and living expenses—for post-graduate students, as well as mechanisms to attract international staff to Montenegrin higher education institutions, such as improved and modernized student residence hostels, into fields deemed nationally important.

The activities would also support improvement in Montenegrin-based internationalization activities through a feasibility study to examine the potential of introducing some basic changes, such as greater use of English language in the classrooms and provision of high quality international student/scholar facilities, for instance, to attract cross-border exchanges to Montenegro. It will also finance a study and workshop to explore the viability of accessing the Montenegrin Diaspora to promote academic and industry linkages.