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May the institutions engage / recruit new staff within the project if there is a need for it?    

The institution may engage / recruit new staff within the project aimed at strengthening the capacity of scientific research personnel. Ministry of Science will provide special support to young researchers - doctoral and postdoctoral students, facilitating their full-time employment at the Center. Also, it is possible to employ administrative staff full-time, while researchers can be employed a full-time, or part-time in accordance with their capabilities and needs of the project.


Do the key researchers have to be permanently employed in the Centre of Excellence?    

The key researchers do not have to be permanently employed at the Centre, but it is certainly expected their involvement in the project to be important, in line with the project needs.


Is the number of researchers in the Center of excellence limited, as well as the number of doctoral and postdoctoral students? Is there a defined limit for salaries for staff who will be engaged in the project?  

The number of researchers, as well as the number of doctoral and postdoctoral students, and administrative staff on the project is not limited. However, the project staff must be engaged in accordance with the actual needs of the project and the specific activities that are going to be implemented under the project. Salaries / honoraria of the engaged staff may not exceed 30% of the total budget planned for the CoE.


May the scientific director of the project be from the international scientific and research institution with which the Center of Excellence plans to collaborate on a project?  

Scientific Director of the project may be from the international scientific and research institutions, but over the course of the project implementation he/she has to be engaged in the Center of Excellence, i.e. to reside / work in Montenegro, not to perform his duties from abroad.


Is it advantageous that different fields of science within the Centre of Excellence to be permeated?

It is not only advantageous, but mandatory. One of the main goals of CoE is strengthening an interdisciplinary approach to research, so that interdisciplinary is one of the basic conditions defined in the Call for Proposal, which each application must include and which will be separately evaluated and assessed by evaluators.


Is it advantageous for researchers to complete a doctoral / postdoctoral study in the course of the project?  

Doctoral and postdoctoral students will be employed on a full time basis for a period of 3 years, so that they will be required in that period to present their doctoral or post-doctoral thesis.


What is the benefit of international partner (what are they offered through the Center of Excellence project to motivate them to participate)?

Apart from proving their illustriousness participating in such a significant project, international partners may have other benefits of participation in the project, such as the transfer of knowledge: attendance of scientific meetings, seminars, training, networking with the broader scientific research and the economy community, which will be available not only over duration of the project, but also after its implementation, etc. The scientific staff from the international partner institutions involved in the project will have the right for receiving fees, for trips to scientific conferences, training and other support activities.


Is the status of Center of Excellence going to be canceled at the end of the project and can it be reestablished?

Status of the Center of Excellence is awarded by the Ministry for a period of three years. After the expiration of a period of three years, the Ministry decides on the extension of the status of the Centre of Excellence for the next period of three years, or on the canceling the status of Centre of Excellence.



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