First Call for Proposals for Institutional Improvement Grants

Ministry of Education within “Higher Education and Research for Innovation and Competitiveness” Project – HERIC, financed from the World Bank loan, is announcing Call for proposals for Institutional Improvement Grants for institutional improvement of Montenegrin higher education institutions. The deadline for proposals submission is October 30, 2015.

The Montenegrin accredited and licensed higher education institution are invited to apply for Institutional Improvement Grants by submitting project proposals aiming to strengthen the administrative and operational capacities of higher education institutions, with particular focus on organizational development and strengthening governance structures, strengthening educational and teaching services and development of capacities for services to other stakeholders and improvement of educational infrastructure to facilitate quality teaching and learning.

In line with the comprehensive aim of the grant scheme, applicants are invited to submit projects that fall under one or more of the following priority area: Reform, development and Improvement of teaching and learning processes; Enhancement of quality management of teaching and learning processes; Organizational development and strengthening governance structures of the higher education institutions; Improvement of composition and strengthened functioning of governing bodies and governance structures of higher education institutions; Development of human resources (educational and non-educational capacities) within higher education institutions; Improvement of internal and external communication of higher education institutions; and Improvement of educational infrastructure within higher education institutions.

The foreseen duration of approved projects is up to 12 (twelve) months. The requested grant allocation has to be between €10,000.00 and €50,000.00.

Documents are available on the web page of the Ministry of Education www.mps.gov.me and HERIC project web page www.heric.me and include:

  • Call for proposals for Institutional Improvement Grants (Montenegrin and English version)
  • Grants Operational Manual for the Institutional Improvement Grants Scheme (Montenegrin and English version)
  • Application form (English version)
  • Budget plan (English version)
  • Guarantee form (English version)

For further details please contact:

Mr. Vladan Perazic, Grants Officer in HERIC Project Management Team;

Rimski trg 19, 81000 Podgorica, Montenegro;

Tel: +382 20 23 45 77,

Fax: +382 20 22 15 77;



Second Call for Research and Development Project Proposals

In the framework of the HERIC project, through the Project Component 3 ("Establishing a Competitive Research Environment"), Ministry of Science is announcing second Call for Collaborative Research and Development Subprojects (CRDS) grants, where Montenegrin licensed scientific research institutions (universities, research institutes, independent research bodies, or firms), are invited to apply to submit new proposals aiming to integrate scientific and professional potential in Montenegro in order to contribute to development of the knowledge-based society.

The total amount of grants, available for financing all of the research and development subprojects, which will be awarded by the Ministry of Science over a period of 2 years, sums up to 1,200.000.00 €,. The amount allocated per individual research and development subprojects will be in the range of 150,000 € to 400,000 €.

The Call will be open until Friday, 19. September 2014 at 17.00h.  



Here you can find the updated Guidelines for Applicants for Collaborative Research and Development Subprojects grants, published on February 13, 2014. There have been made only a couple of small changes related to the evaluation process of project proposals, however not affecting the previously set up evaluation criteria and scoring. From now on this is considered a valid version of the Guidelines.

CRDS Guidelines for Applicants (13.02.2014.)

Below you can find the previous versions of the Guidelines for Applicants - the first one published on 18th of October 2013 and the second one published on 19th of November 2013 (were the major changes referred to the documentation/procedures related to environmental protection issues, and did not affect the application process which was in course).

CRDS Guidelines for Applicants (19.11.2013.)

CRDS Guidelines for Applicants (18.10.2013.)

Below you can find the annexes to the Guidelines for Applicants published on 18th of October 2013 (application material: Application Form; Guarantee Form; Curriculum Vitae Form; Budget Plan; Environmental Screening Checklist). The annexes didn't undergo any modifications in the meantime. Besides, you can find two additional documents (FAO code of conduct for pesticides; International best practice in safety of research laboratories).

CRDS Guidelines - annex 3a (Application Form)

CRDS Guidelines - annex 3b (Guarantee Form)

CRDS Guidelines - annex 3c (Curriculum Vitae template)

CRDS Guidelines - annex 3d (Budget Plan)

CRDS Guidelines - annex 15 (ESC)


FAO code of conduct for pesticides

International best practice in safety of research laboratories



Here you can find updated Guidelines for Applicants for the Centers of Excellence, published on 17.9.2013., where the main modifications are related to the procurement issues and financial/ payment management. From now on this is considered a valid version of this document. Separate annexes concerning application material have not been changed.

CoE Guidelines for Applicants (17.9.2013.)

Below you can find the CoE Guidelines for Applicants published on 30th of May 2013.

CoE Guidelines for Applicants (30.5.2013.) 

Below you could find the following application materials: proposal form, CV template for management and researchers, budget plan, and impact indicators. In order the application to be considered complete it is necessary to submit all application materials.

coe annex 3a proposal form
coe annex 3bi - coe management cv template
coe annex 3bii - coe researchers cv template
coe annex 3c - coe budget plan
coe annex 3d - coe impact indicators