The second part of the XXII International Conference MHCL 2017 (Material Handling, Construction and Logistics), held every two years in Vienna and Belgrade, organized by the Institute of Logistics of the Technology University of Vienna and the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Belgrade, was held from 16th to 18th November in Bar, organized by SUST-MARINA project (APPLYING AND PROMOTING THE CONCEPT OF SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT TO AD MARINA BAR). This international event was significantly related to  AD Marina Bar, which is the main topic of research of the SUST-MARINA project. Accordingly, AD Marina Bar and HERIC office from Podgorica (Ministry of Science and Ministry of Education in the Government of Montenegro) supported the organization of this international event. The program of the second part of the international conference MHCL 2017 - Maritime and Port Logistics ( THE SECOND PART OF THE SPECIAL SESSION E-MARITIME AND PORT LOGISTIC OF THE XXII INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE MATERIAL HANDLING CONSTRUCTION AND LOGISTICS consisted of:

1. Presentation and analysis of the achieved results through the SUST-MARINA project with special emphasis on the certification of AD Marine Bar, which became the first Blue Flag Marina in Montenegro, the first business system from the maritime industry certified by TUV Rheinland for ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 14001: 2015 (QMS and EMS), and recently Gold Anchor Marina certified by TYHA.

2. Presentation of a larger number of 24 scientific research papers contained in the Proceedings of the second part of MHCL 2017, written by authors from eight universities around the world (Technical University of Denmark, TongMyong University South Korea, University of Piraeus, National Technical University of Athens , University of Aegean, University of Rijeka, University of Belgrade and University of Montenegro). These papers were delivered by leading professors from Maritime and Port Logistics such as prof. Dr Stratos Papadimitriou, prof. Dr Nikitas Nikitakos, prof. Prof. Dr Vassilis Tselentis, prof. Dr Nenad Zrnić and others, with Dr Thalis Zis attending the Doctoral Dissertation at the prestigious Imperial College London from Maritime and Port Logistics in the class of prof. Dr Michael Bell.

3. For the first time, at the academic conference of international business marine industry (Italy, Slovenia, Croatia and Montenegro), presentations by the leading people from these systems for FLOATEX Italy and Limit Plus Slovenija, or managers of individual sectors from AD Marine Bar, Port of Adria, Port of Kotor, Marina Trogir, etc. This session was presided by prof. Vasilis Tselentis and Dr. Radovan Orlandic.

4. Organization and realization of special roundtables in the field of Maritime and Port Logistics (Sustainable Development) where the mediators are professors of the aforementioned universities and panelists are the other participants in the conference. During all roundtables held, the possibility of direct involvement of the auditorium in the discussion, which was conducted on various topics from Maritime and Port Logistics (Sustainable Development), was used. Professor Branislav Dragović organized and conducted the first round table on the topic of achieving the results through the SUST-MARINA project from the theoretical and applied aspect, as well as the opening ceremony of the conference together with prof. Stratos Papadimitriou, while the other round table was convened by prof. Nikitas Nikitakos. The third round table was convened by prof. Nenad Zrnić and Dr. Thalis Zis, while the introductory presentation at this round table entitled Monitoring and Measurement in AD Marina Bar from the aspect of sustainable development was announced by prof. Vasilis Tselentis.

5. Directly realized contacts of the auditoriums with respectable professors from the aforementioned universities, managers from the mentioned business systems and other participants of the conference.

The proceedings of the second part of the international MHCL 2017 conference with 24 previously reviewed scientific papers in the printed edition and on CD are divided into over 300 copies with very extensive supporting material. Editors of this part of the Proceedings of the international conference MHCL 2017 are prof. Branislav Dragović and prof. Stratos Papadimitriou.

This unique scientific-research event (Second part of the international conference MHCL 2017) was opened by the director of the HERIC project, the director of the Ministry of Science in the Government of Montenegro, Dr Darko Petrusic, who directly participated in the third session at the conference with comments and questions. He particularly highlighted the achieved results through the SUST-MARINA project, stressing that it was accomplished and achieved much more than it was intended to be realized through 12 work packages. Head of SUST-MARINA project, prof. Branislav Dragović congratulated the director of the HERIC project, Dr. Darko Petrusic and other members of the working team of the INVO project on the results achieved through the SUST-MARINA project in front of the entire auditorium.

During the conference, AD Marina Bar, Luka Bar and Port of Adria were organized from the aspect of linking research at universities and real problems of the maritime economy, as well as visits to the old town of Bar and the old olive from the aspect of tourist promotion of Montenegrin cultural and tourist potentials.
The organization of the special session of Maritime and Port logistics at the international MHCL conference will continue in the near future, so we invite all interested to join us at the XXIII MHC conference that will be organized in 2019 in Vienna.
The organizers and hosts of the second part of the international conference MHCL 2017 in Bar were prof. Branislav Dragović, PhD, manager of SUST-MARINA project and Dr Radovan Orlandić, executive director of AD Marina Bar with their working teams.