By the decision of Ministry of Science of Montenegro, no. 01-1063 from May 29th 2014, Faculty of Polytechnics, University of Donja Gorica, with its partners Faculty of International Economics, Finance and Business (UDG), Faculty of Mechanical Engineering from Skopje, Montcarton and Celebic company from Podgorica, Montenegro, is implementing the research project: “Laboratory for product design, including disciplines, such as graphic, interior and fashion design” (PRODE). The main idea that lies behind the project is to enhance the performance of Montenegrin economy through creating an environment for technology transfer. The project is being developed with the overall objective to contribute to the sustainability of Montenegrin economic growth by offering innovative products and services to both local and international market. A key activity that will be undertaken during the project duration is related to establishing, organizing and equipping a professional prototype laboratory at University of Donja Gorica, which will become an academic and professional prototype and product development centre. Specific objectives include establishment of the prototype laboratory, development of prototypes and final products, development of new academic program, enhancement of entrepreneurial spirit among researchers, raising awareness regarding the importance of technology transfer among staff and researchers, as well as participation in international exhibitions and publication in international journals.
A number of activities have been carried out since the beginning of the project. They are related to the active work packages, such as WP1: Establishment of management structures and documents, management of the project; WP2: Assessment of market needs for specific types of products that will be prototyped and produced; WP3: Setting up Product Design Laboratory and design of prototype; WP5: Outreach and dissemination; and WP7: Sustainability. Further activities are related to the laboratory utilization through prototype building, transformation of prototype into a final product, commercialization and patent activities, provision of sustainability, and dissemination activities.
According to the main results achieved so far, as well as to the activities realized during the second semi-annual reporting period, it is important to point out that: the final Steering Committee meeting for the first project year was held; two meetings with representatives of the World Bank (December 2014 and May 2015) were held; the project team was working on creation of TOR draft version for Web site for management purposes; the final database and profile of project stakeholders are made in cooperation with the MBA partner. It is also important to point out that: the mapping of the vernacular material resources of interest for the project was done; the implementation of the surveys was initiated in order to collect inputs for products of interest, identification of critical points of the project and set of alternatives for each critical point; the equipment specification has been developed; the procurement procedure has been initiated; the creation of the first prototypes of the visual identity and packaging for the "Honey House" was made.
The project team members also cooperated with students from University of Donja Gorica within a student competition for the best design of the name, slogan and logo, organised by UNIDO within the framework of the project "Strengthening the competitiveness of small and medium enterprises in Montenegro through cluster development". During this reporting period, the team members are in phase of selecting the best solution of the visual identity design and promotional materials for project, and the team for preparation TOR for creating web site for the purpose of the project is formed. UDG student, Ivan Kovacevic is sent on a training course in the AGFA company, member of the Agfa-Gevaert, which deals with industrial design. Upon completion of training, students will be hired as an associate in PRODE laboratory. The cooperation with Azmont Investments has been stepped up in the form of donation; the cooperation with Alchemy Interiors resulted in donation of a part of private Library and set-up materials for Interior Design Lab; the cooperation with Sienersys will result with application of ProDe Lab in industrial design of lightening structures, supported by the education process of master studies at UDG (education + innovation + business).

The expected final results include a professional prototype laboratory that will become a local and regional centre for creating and developing prototypes for various products and services. This will enhance individuals’ employability and companies’ competitiveness. Moreover, the laboratory will provide full support when it comes to commercialization and patenting activities, so there will be no risk for the idea holder that its idea will be compromised.