In accordance with the decision of Ministry of Science of Montenegro, no. 01-1063 from May 29th 2014, Faculty of Polytechnics, University of Donja Gorica, with its partners - Faculty for International Economics, Finance and Business (UDG), Faculty of Mechanical Engineering from Skopje, “Montcarton” and “Čelebić” companies from Podgorica, Montenegro, is implementing the research project: “Laboratory for product design, including disciplines, such as graphic, interior and fashion design” (PRODE). The main idea that lies behind the project is to enhance the performance of Montenegrin economy through creating an environment for technology transfer. The project is being developed with the overall objective to contribute to the sustainability of Montenegrin economic growth by offering innovative products and services to both local and international market. A key activity that will be undertaken during the project duration is related to establishing, organizing and equipping a professional prototype laboratory at University of Donja Gorica, which will become an academic and professional prototype and product development centre. Specific objectives include establishment of the prototype laboratory, development of prototypes and final products, development of new academic program, enhancement of entrepreneurial spirit among researchers, raising awareness regarding the importance of technology transfer among staff and researchers, as well as participation in international exhibitions and publication in international journals.

A number of activities have been carried out since the beginning of the project. They are related to the active work packages, such as WP1: Establishment of management structures and documents, management of the project; WP4: Capacity building, WP5: Outreach and dissemination; WP6: Product commercialization and patenting and WP7: Sustainability.  As it regards the main results achieved so far, and according to the activities that are realized  during the fifth semi-annual reporting period, it is important to point out that the during this reporting period the PRODE project team were implemented activities that were related with the academic (educational) activities, collaboration with industry and preparation and implementation of the plans related to the work package 6 commercialization and patenting according to the project application.

During this reporting period all implemented activities related to the academic/educational activities, collaboration with industry and preparation and implementation of the commercialization and patenting were:

  • In June 2016 was held meeting of the PRODE project team;
  • PRODE team for commercialization was formed and plans for commercialization was prepared;
  • Meeting with representatives of HERIC office and World Bank was held in November 2016;
  • PhD candidate from Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Skopje, Macedonia  completed three week visit in area of Rapid Prototyping in May and June 2016;
  • Academic program is created and implemented into curricula at Faculty of Polytechnics and Faculty of Design and Multimedia at University of Donja Gorica;
  • First Diploma Thesis defended by students from Faculty of Design and Multimedia at University of Donja Gorica;
  • Two MSc Thesis assigned of students from Faculty of Polytechnics  in cooperation with SIENERSYS are on going;
  • PRODE & UDG iDEAlab laboratories help development of students’ business ideas: Regional Startup Weekend in Novi Sad: UDG students won third place;
  • PRODE project team in cooperation with Museum of Natural Science were orginized Demonstration of 3D Tehnologies within Open Days of Science by Ministry of Science in Montenegro;
  • Business and marketing plan for potential new spin-off was developed;
  • Business fair and conferences was attended;
  • Maintance of the website for the project purpose is  implemented during reporting period and news are updating day by day;
  • ProDe Laboratory positioned on the World Fab –Lab Map:;
  • Links between industry and research institutions through cooperation agreements was strengthen;
  • First Employee Confidential Agreement and Disclosure Confidential Agreement were signed;
  • Participation in process of creation of regional fablab residency program.

Participants are Andrej Petrovcic - Slovenia (,

Roberto Vdovic - Croatia (,

Mladen Kostic - Bosnia and Herzegovina (,

Sanja Ivanovic - Montenegro (,

Borko Jovanovic - Serbia (,

Stavri Nikolov - Bulgaria (;

  • Implementation of the project proposal “Knowledge transfer among education, research and industry entities” Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA), Operational Programme; Development of training process in area of design and development case study on the project for dissemination in other universities and stakeholders.
  • International cooperation - Agreement was signed between XIHUA University from China ( University of Donja Gorica. The main aim of this cooperation will be staff and students exchange in the field of Product Design and Information Technologies;
  • PRODE project team and UDG will host conference until end of the third project year. BMDA’s Annual Conference in ProDe quarters. One of the panels of the conference will be oriented to the modern technologies and product design.  
  • Participation in the visit of expert from World Intelectual Property Organization, held in June 2016;
  • PRODE team member participated in seminar European patent system: from application until patenting organized by European Patent Office (EPO) and Intellectual Property Office in Montenegro (ZIS) in Podgorica, Montenegro.

Further activities are related to the laboratory utilization through prototype building, transformation of prototype into a final product, commercialization and patent activities, provision of sustainability, and dissemination activities. Moreover, the laboratory will provide full support when it comes to commercialization and patenting activities, so there will be no risk for the idea holder that its idea will be compromised.